US Equity Investors – Chipotle (CMG) – Will You Know Where the Bottom Is? Our Clients Will.

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Using the ‘TrafficSignals’ solution to identify traffic inflection points

Webinar: Thursday, February 25, 2016 1:00pm Eastern

For equity investors few factors drive restaurant revenue and comps more than customer traffic.

RS Metrics’ proprietary, automated car counting and sampling methodology uses high resolution satellite imagery to measure Y/Y traffic growth and market share shifts at US retailers and restaurants including CMG, PNRA, BWLD, SBUX and others.

RS Metrics’ traffic measurements and signals provide insights into traffic strength and weakness, and are highly correlated to revenue surprises. Our clients know when there is a strong likelihood of a revenue beat or miss long before the rest of the market.

Can you afford to let your competition have information before you do?

In this webinar, we will introduce our traffic measurement and signal methodology by analyzing in depth what has been happening to CMG’s share of traffic relative to Panera’s (PNRA) traffic. Our clients receive traffic updates which will enable them to see when CMG traffic bottoms and begins to trend up.

Learn first-hand how RS Metrics’ proprietary data and analytics produce measurements and signals that are actionable and critical to generating alpha.

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