Event Impact Assessment

Geospatial Insight has an exclusive partner network with access to 100 satellites and many aerial imagery operators across the globe. Using this exclusive access to a ‘virtual constellation’ of satellites, we focus on acquiring imagery of events as they unfold, coupled with rapid delivery of of damage assessment during and immediately after a major catastrophic (“CAT”) event. We provide our clients with an enhanced, accurate assessment of damage, liability, exposure, business continuity and response success, for:

  • Mapping flood mapping and other CAT events to provide a near real-time picture of the event.
  • Damage analysis to support loss estimation and reserving.
  • Observing response performance and success.
  • Confirming and verifying claims arising from the event.

The image above shows the Brazil tailing dam burst in November 2015. Red coloured buildings were completely destroyed, yellow damaged and green unharmed.

The above image shows the explosion at Tianjin. Red areas depect severe damage through to minimal damage coloured green.