Satellite & Big Data Provide an Early Indicator for ‘Earnings’

Geospatial Insight (GSI) build novel data sets from satellite / drone imagery.

This report focusses on our capability in the ‘US Retail’ sector.

Thousands of satellite images of US parking lots are taken daily to provide an accurate estimate of a chains ‘Traffic volume’, which when combined with‘Conversion Rate’ and ‘Average Spend’ provides analysts with an early heads up on that critical Earnings figure!

We offer ‘TrafficSignals’ which generates a signal based on a 0.5 s.d. move in comparable traffic volume. (please contact me for further info on methodology)


TrafficSignals provides analysts with a reliable signal.  For the universe covered, over the most 4 most recently reported quarters, TrafficSignals generated  a positive or negative signal on 57% of occasions.  70% of those times, the company reported a surprise in revenues or guided revenues in the direction of our signal.

ReCaps Summary

The graphic below illustrates the success of satellite imagery in forming a trend in traffic volumes ….. and the following corporate revenues announcements!

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