Actionable insight on global oil inventories enabled by big data analytics and machine learning techniques


TankWatch provides a satellite-based approach to deliver regular weekly intelligence across global oil storage tank sites. A unique insight into global oil inventories and reserves, tailored to meet the needs of traders and analysts.

What Makes TankWatch Invaluable?

Trading Desk Ready:

Geospatial Insight’s automated software platforms ensure storage volume measurements are delivered ready-formatted as machine readable data.

Reporting Include:

  • Weekly reports (Saturday – Saturday) delivered every Tuesday 9am GMT
  • More than 12-months historic back-test data is available to validate correlations to price, premiums and cessel movements
  • Option for custom selected terminal locations, measurement frequency and reporting

A Unique Solution…

Tankwatch provides near real-time insight into weekly crude oil storage at oil field extraction sites, storage hubs, contract settlement and refinery locations.

Consistent, Timely, Accurate

  • Flexible contract terms and competitive pricing
  • Proprietary measurement options available for client specific locations

TankWatch Can Answer...

  • How many floating roof crude oil storage sites are there and what are the capacities?
  • How much inventory has been stockpiled?
  • How have volumes varied over the past?
  • Are the sites active and are they expanding?
  • What are the volume changes on a weekly basis?
  • Does storage correlate with other data?

Estimate Ahead of the Markets

Oil refineries are monitored on a continual basis enabling precise measurement and highly accurate insight into potential changes in global supply and demand. Investors use this valuable information to make improved, more agile trading decisions.

A variety of trading strategies can be employed from high frequency, front month trading to complex multi-strategy trades using a range of options. We will identify your exact requirement and tailor a specific monitoring strategy that creates competitive advantage for you.

Why TankWatch?

  • Cash arbitrage opportunities which may exist
  • The storage levels at assets which have been purchased or leased by traders
  • The impact of government sanctions, policy, instability effecting extraction, storage and supply
  • China slow-down and stockpiling of oil in critical strategic locations
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