Unique to Geospatial Insight, PalmWatch provides an advanced, alternative data source for monitoring oil palm fundamentals.


Monitoring Oil Palm Fundamentals

Images taken by satellite are analysed to provide accurate, timely market insight reports for those trading palm oil, growing or regulating it.

Developed using market-leading technology, rapid analysis of vast quantities of satellite images enables accurate remote measurement and monitoring of oil palm plantations and small holdings on a regional and national scale.

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Visual Data Evidence for Palm Oil Traders

Our Earth Observation team has access to over 200 satellites worldwide consisting of varying resolutions and orbital frequencies.

This extensive network enables us to analyse wheat on an international, national or local level and report fluctuations on a weekly basis.

What We Monitor

Key fundamentals are monitored which relate directly to palm oil supply, its disruption and future production volume including:

  • Quantitative analysis of planted oil palm areas
  • Oil palm plant age
  • Area under cultivation in major and small holdings

Other influencing factors are also reported

  • Visible disruption to supply
  • Plant stress
  • Wide area burning
  • Smoke pollution
  • Port congestion
  • Weather impacts

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Monthly & Annual Subscription Packages

PalmWatch is published as a monthly report which details all of the major supply fundamentals. Various packages are available:

Monthly Reports – Each monthly report contains Oil Palm fundamentals for one major region.

Full Subscription – Receive all 12 monthly reports and gain access to 87% of oil palm production in Malaysia and 92% in Indonesia, generating alternative data for almost 90% of global palm oil production.

Premium Subscription – For additional detailed district level analysis, trading alert signals to potential palm oil price action and advanced technical analysis support.

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