EvenTrac® – Rapid and Flexible Global CAT Response

Developed in partnership with the insurance industry, the EvenTrac® service provides rapid access to satellite imagery and other geospatial data (aerial photos, UAV images, media pictures and geocoded social media posts), plus expert analysis, to deliver fast and accurate loss estimation for major CAT events.

Key Features of the EvenTrac® Service are:

• Flexible – Based upon on extensive network of partnerships with Earth Observation (EO) satellite operators, Geospatial Insight can source data from more than 100 orbiting satellites, and has a global network of survey aircraft and UAV’s on standby, ready to respond to any event
• Rapid – On call 24/7, Geospatial Insight can task satellites to acquire imagery of an event, and then download and analyse the images within hours of confirmation of a client’s target sites and events
• Proven – Geospatial Insight has already provided a comprehensive response to many major events over the past three years, in locations as widespread as the Canada and the USA, the UK, China and Malaysia, delivering accurate flood boundaries or damage extent analysis within a maximum of three days of the event, but often within 24 hours of its onset
• Versatile – Applicable to a wide range of perils including flood, storm surge, explosion, tsunami, earthquake and major windstorm

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