Geospatial Insight provides a portfolio of syndicated research offerings; through established trusted partners and those developed in-house.

‘Products’ differ from our ‘bespoke services’ in that ‘products’ tend to have a broader appeal and so clients benefit from costs of scale.

We deliver across the value chain; providing high value syndicated substantive independent research reports.

We also provide signals data products that deliver a clear leading-indicator to asset performance from the satellite imagery and data.

Our data products are just that; time series data derived from satellite imagery and data, such as parking lot fill rates for large retail chains. Should you require imagery for your own in-house analysis and dataset development, we provide a portfolio of different imagery types with a range of spectral response, spatial and temporal resolutions. For instance our TrafficTracker Product requires a relatively high temporal resolution, whereas obtaining specific volumetric analysis over a mine may require an initially  high spatial resolution.

For EvenTrac – The resolution required will largely be driven by the natural disaster under concern.