EvenTrac by Geospatial Insight utilises visual intelligence to monitor the progress of real assets following a major event such as natural or man-made disasters and commercial fallout.


Our findings are provided to Hedge Fund and Investment managers, corporate entities and other companies, such as insurers and investors, who have a vested interest in the recovery of commercial assets, properties or entire regions.

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Uses of Eventrac

  • Enables Traders to improve predictions on the price of a commodity and impact on the economy ahead of the markets based on visible changes extracted from satellite imagery.
  • Provides ongoing competitor intelligence relating to the recovery of specific commercial entities such as the rebuilding of sites and monitoring production volumes.
  • Enables Governments to monitor extensive, long-term rebuilding projects such as infrastructure, expansive locations and inaccessible, complex sites and other significant commercial impacts on the economy.

Key Features of Eventrac


Based upon on extensive network of partnerships with Earth Observation satellite operators, Geospatial Insight can source data from more than 200 orbiting satellites and our global network of survey aircraft and UAV’s are on standby, ready to respond to any major event.

Rapid – On call 24/7

We can task satellites to acquire imagery of an event and then download and analyse the images within hours of confirmation of a client’s target sites and events.

Proven Capabilities

Geospatial Insight has a proven track record of providing comprehensive responses to many major events worldwide, including Canada, USA, UK, China and Malaysia, delivering accurate damage extent analysis within a maximum of three days of the event and frequently within 24 hours of its onset.


Our dedicated team of in-house geospatial, software, technical and operational experts means that we have the capability to develop solutions for very specific, complex, time-critical and challenging projects.

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Geospatial Insight was established in 2012 by a team of highly experienced Geospatial experts to address a gap in the market for delivering actionable business intelligence sourced from satellite imagery.

Today the company has an enviable market position as one of the leading providers of geospatial intelligence in the World.

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