‘DroneWatch®’ Advanced Telemetry and Video Visualisation Software.



DroneWatch® built by Geospatial Insight (GSI) provides operators with a single platform from which they can deliver consistent data for their clients to analyse much faster and more accurately than ever before.

Designed to allow users and professionals to get the most from UAV video data, DroneWatch® shows the position of each video frame in a real world context.

DroneWatch® – Reliable, Consistent Data on the go. Whatever your needs

DroneWatch® by GSI provides the user with a standard interface (visible from smartphone, tablet or a computer) that displays, simultaneously, an interactive GIS (Geographic Information System) map of the drones route and sensor viewing field, linked dynamically to the video imagery acquired by the drone. The user has the ability to upload asset information into the GIS to aid visual monitoring and query-based analysis.

By utilising the flight path information from a UAV, the position of the video and camera orientation is shown within a map window. The dynamic linking of the map and UAV videos ensures that wherever you are in the video the correct position and orientation is always shown on the map. Support for Web Map Services and ESRI Shapefiles allows additional data layers to be overlain over the map to bring additional context to your UAV surveys.

Developed using the latest HTML5 and running on the Cloud, DroneWatch® is scalable depending on your needs. DroneWatch® is optimised for applications where it’s important to understand your location within the video, linking what you can see on the images with your targets and assets.

Example applications include site/ structure surveys, risk assessment, asset monitoring/management and environmental mapping.


Image Processing

GSI have a team of experienced GIS and mapping specialists who can also assist the user with any image analysis and feature extraction that is often required.


DroneWatch® functionality includes:

* File import allowing user to calibrate the video to the flight log
* Support for multiple videos
* Two windows that show the flight path over a map and the associated video
* Video frame position and camera orientation shown on a map
* Map and video and dynamically linked so any change in the video position or position in the flight plan will change the other window
* Zoom and pan supported for the video and map windows
* Full screen mode to maximise the video extents and show a thumbnail version of the map
* Drag and drop other vector layers into the map window
* Support for OGC Web Map Services

Areas where GSI can Assist Drone Operators and Asset Managers

Infrastructure / Utilities / Renewable Energy

▪ Radio Tower Inspections
▪ Powerline Inspection
▪ Wind Turbine Inspections
▪ Asset verification
▪ Solar Energy Site Assessment
▪ Solar Panel Outage Detection


▪ Asset & Plant Inspections
▪ Maintenance Surveys – Access areas that are not normally reachable.
▪ Rooftop Inspections / Surveys (Residential Heat and Leaks)
▪ Industrial Roof Inspections (Heat and Leaks)
▪ Progress monitoring and reporting
▪ 3D Model construction
▪ Factory Output


▪ Inventory / Asset Management
▪ Flooding
▪ Damage assessment
▪ Claims Adjustment

Property / Real Estate

▪ Virtual view from new construction (Vantage Point)
▪ Aerial images documenting whole site status/condition
▪ Construction Planning – Identify potential issues.
▪ Construction Progress Monitoring
▪ Marketing for Construction
▪ Surveying
▪ Real Estate / Property Photos and Video
▪ Residential Real Estate Marketing
▪ Commercial Real Estate Marketing
▪ 360 degree Area Shots

Retail / Consumer Behaviour

▪ Quantitative Footfall Analysis at single site / chains of stores
▪ Competitor analysis (assist in store build out initiatives)

Mining / Oil and Gas

▪ Oil spill tracking
▪ Pipeline monitoring
▪ Environmental assessment
▪ Pit Survey


Bedtime Reading

Legal Aspects of Remote Sensing

The Legal Aspects of using Drone / Satellite Imagery.
A MUST READ for newcomers to the sector. GSI have taken a holistic approach to answering this question. The first in the ‘Grey Book’ series explains relevant aspects of aerial and space law, privacy issues, national laws governing drone / satellite usage along with guidance to the FCA’s stand-point with regards to insider trading / market abuse.
Download HERE



  • The DroneWatch Trial will last for 1 month, providing total video storage of 5gb and bandwidth usage of 25gb.