Designed and developed exclusively by Geospatial Insight, our DroneWatch service provides a secure portal for clients to view commissioned drone footage alongside exact mapping of the flightpath which details precisely where each frame was shot, including the position and orientation of the camera.

Rapid Loss Assessment for Insurance Claims

DroneWatch is of particular benefit to insurers. They engage us to deploy our international network of approved drone operators in order to respond to key events such as; to capture footage relating to CAT events, assess claims and conduct pre and post-loss assessment surveys of individual properties, major assets or key liabilities.

We then provide the drone footage via our DroneWatch portal. This enables insurers to react rapidly to major events by quickly and easily viewing footage taken in the immediate aftermath, securing visual evidence for claims assessment and expediting the service provided to the policyholder.


  • Gain visual access to remote, dangerous and inaccessible locations.
  • Visually assess expansive and restricted locations that are unsuitable for field inspections.
  • Respond rapidly to major events and conduct initial loss assessment.
  • Carry out risk analysis and pre-loss assessments remotely.
  • 24/7 Call out with dedicated Mission Control manager.

Reporting Options


  • High level assessment of visual damage with annotated stills and an overview description of damage levels.


  • Detailed level of inspection with in-depth description of damage characteristics and possible causes.
  • Geo-accuracy checking, cleansing and correction of client’s asset location data.
  • Pre-loss surveys for assets of key importance.

On Demand Drone Network

  • Access to an international network of qualified drone operators.
  • Deployment to and acquisition of imagery and footage, of any tasked location within 12 hours of notification.
  • Delivery of footage and imagery to Geospatial Insight within a maximum of 2 hours of final acquisition, ready for loading into the Visual Intelligence Portal (VIP).
  • Hi-resolution footage, shot in 4K with supporting stills geotagged with location details for future reference.

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DroneWatch for Data Delivery

  • Online, secure and fully interactive client portal.
  • Drag and drop loading of vector data.
  • Visualise your client locations over a high-resolution satellite image backdrop.
  • Simultaneously track the UAVs flight path and sensor viewing field alongside captured footage.
  • Full screen mode, zoom and pan options for maximum video extent viewing.
  • Requires no separate plugin or installation and supports all browsers.

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