GlobisQUO is Geospatial Insight’s ground breaking leading indicator for GDP and GDP growth for emerging market economies. Our flagship independent research product, GlobisQUO uses precise measurements from satellite data sources of variables that closely correlate to economic activity levels, providing an early indicator of changes in GDP at a regional, national and continental scale.

GlobisQUO provides an accurate proxy to real GDP growth, a macro view which complements Geospatial Insights other bottom-up fundamental analysis. It is a top-down overview of economic activity and growth by county, region or sector.

Available under a subscription model, GlobisQUO data is provided as a monthly dataset and also includes a detailed independent research commentary on the changes observed the forecast of other analysts and importantly any difference to consensus which is being observed. Head over to the client area of our website to download a sample of this ground-breaking independent research, or purchase it directly from here.