Enabling councils to reduce air pollution and build healthier communities

A ground-breaking solution developed by Geospatial Insight that uses satellite technology to map and monitor real-time levels of air pollution.

Councils across the UK are looking for new ways to reduce their pollution footprint. Breathe Clean by Geospatial Insight has been developed to enable local authorities to build healthier communities by empowering councils to plot developments and transport routes in direct correlation to air pollution levels.

Our Breathe Clean application provides town planning decision makers with localised air pollution levels, enabling them to choose the most environmentally positive transportation and development options and firmly place healthy lifestyle at the centre of a council’s urban policy.

Breathe Clean processes data from various sources including satellite and imports into a dedicated application producing a user-friendly interface for viewing real-time air pollution levels.

Through our application planners can see real-time air pollution in a given location for various modes of transport including car, cycling and walking.

This enables councils to plan the most environmentally friendly routes, assisting with transportation, commercial and residential development planning whilst also actively building healthy living by promoting the benefits of walking and cycling over motorised travel.

Breathe Clean Benefits for Councils:

  • Factoring air pollution levels into town planning and development decisions
  • Adapting transportation routes based on real-time air pollution exposure levels
  • Promoting cycling and walking as cleaner air modes of transport
  • Empowering residents to adopt healthier lives and contribute to reducing air pollution

Breathe Clean Application Key Features:


  • Simplistic interface with familiar route planning theme makes it intuitive for the user


  • Colour coded heatmap makes it easy to view exact levels of air pollution
  • Plot a route, add destination points and work out various options such as the fastest and least polluted route
  • View air pollution levels based on three major modes of transport; car, cycling or walking, view individually or compare any combination.
  • Save, share and export data for ease of reference
  • Date option enables the user to view air pollution levels on any given day


  • Near real-time data (just an hour delay)

Breathe Clean Demo

See exactly how easy our Breathe Clean application is to use in this short demo.

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