Geospatial Insight’s solutions for the Investment sector provide syndicated independent research reports and time-series datasets for quantitative investors or proprietary research insights for private clients, family offices and hedge funds.

Our research services identify new and varied opportunities for differentiated alpha such as identifying first movers against analyst consensus or providing leading indicators to fundamentals which when published drive market price movements.

Our clients use our independent investment research to support due diligence on stocks being considered for portfolio entry, or when selecting risk-adjusted investment opportunities. Sometimes, the view from the sky does not match the report from the investment banker in which case Geospatial Insight’s intelligence can provide a valuable evidence-based indicator.

Our research is also used by clients to monitor assets under management. In this situation our investment research helps ensure that revenue targets are being met in order to maintain the share price.

For equity assets, the data and observations which we measure provide leading indicators to the stock fundamentals.

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Asset Monitoring

Our Asset Monitoring service is used to support client trading strategies, reducing exposure and market volatility.

Assets can be monitored at regular intervals, proving near real-time performance ahead of published reports.

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Due Diligence & Asset Management

Satellite imagery and data derived from it provide visual evidence to complements the traditional reports and information used in the due diligence decision making process.

When Visual Intelligence is used as an additional stage in the portfolio construction process, it enables validation of hypotheses and measurement of historic real asset performance particularly when managing a portfolio or making decisions about structure of a fund.

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Commodity Tracking – Agriculture

Geospatial Insight’s independent visual research provides market analysts with an additional data source with which to evaluate agriculture trends.

Our sophisticated yield prediction model and precise forecasting enables traders and analysts to better understand potential future market volatility early. This empowers them to adjust trading strategies accordingly and therefore, de-risk price.

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Commodity Tracking – Energy

Geospatial Insight’s independent research for energy enables market analysts and traders to better understand the movement of key energy sources such as oil and make more informed trading decisions based on visual evidence.

Our unique combination of big data analytics and satellite image capture using the world’s largest constellation of high resolution, high frequency satellites provides precise insight into changes in supply and demand of oil at any location across the globe.

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Today the company has an enviable market position as one of the leading providers of geospatial intelligence in the World.

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