Geospatial intelligence is now frequently used to enable rapid response to major disaster events but it can also play a significant role in day-to-day insurance claims handling and loss adjustment.

Geospatial strategies can assist insurers in analysing the thousands of claims they receive daily to provide a quicker response to their policyholders.

Geospatial Insight’s Loss Evaluation strategies aide faster response times to both major and routine claims because satellite, drone and aerial imagery can be captured at source, remotely, without the need to rely on physical field visits in order to assess loss. This enables a significantly quicker initial loss evaluation, the more effective deployment of Loss Adjusters and improved customer contact, resulting in a faster estimation of losses.

Drones for Claims Features

  • Drones available on demand, 24/7.
  • Dedicated Mission Control Manager to co-ordinate the project for you.
  • Complete UK coverage with extensive global network of qualified, Civil Aviation Approved operators.
  • Deployment and footage capture within 12 hours of engagement request.
  • View footage within 2 hours of capture via our secure, cloud-based proprietary software.
  • Image output enhanced with telemetry information, enabling you to track the drone’s exact flight path during footage capture.

Drones for Claims Benefits

  • Respond rapidly to individual and widespread claims
  • Enable detailed risk assessments
  • Accelerate loss evaluation by accessing difficult to reach and remote locations quickly
  • Access visual evidence of properties and locations enabling improved claims verification
  • Recover losses more quickly with faster, more precise decision making
  • Improve customer service with more accurate premiums and more efficient claims handling
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