Find out how Geospatial Insight are leveraging innovations in drone, satellite and aerial imagery to enable (Re)insurers to respond rapidly to CAT events.

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During a Catastrophic event

Visual Intelligence can be used to rapidly assess the impact of a catastrophic event. Examples include determination of peak flood extent before the waters recede or to analyse the immediate impacts of an explosion, inform emergency services and identify hazards or pinpoint their epicentre.

Post Catastrophic event

Visual Intelligence facilitates rapid response to claims management for insurers, brokers and loss adjusters, it also enables reinsurers to evaluate future risk.

Satellite and aerial imagery show the scale and severity of an affected location, providing an initial situation assessment that is produced quickly and efficiently with supporting visual evidence.

High resolution imagery and footage is also acquired at exact locations, including individual properties. This enables insurers and brokers to overcome the challenges of assessing remote and inaccessible areas in the hours immediately following a CAT event, facilitating rapid claims assessment and financial settlements as well as enabling preliminary loss projections to be calculated.

Cat response HQ

Phase One

Dedicated geospatial analysts monitor the event as it unfolds and decide upon the most appropriate Visual Intelligence data methods.

Phase Two

We then access major satellite and aerial imagery data sources and deploy drone operators, briefing them on the exact locations to acquire imagery, before analysing the data to produce the required output for you.


  • We’re on call 24/7
  • Access to a global network of over 200 orbiting satellites
  • A network of drone operators worldwide on permanent standby
  • Visually analyse extensive geographic locations rapidly


  • Assess scale and severity of damage to aid loss estimation
  • Remotely assess affected clients property-by-property
  • Preserve visual evidence of ground situation at point of impact
  • Enable quick reserving and reporting
  • Accelerate claims management
  • Resolve site accessibility problems
  • Reduce insurer and client disputes
  • Expediate loss adjustment by providing preliminary loss projections

Put us on CAT standby today

Enable us to act immediately for you when a CAT event occurs by placing us on CAT standby today.

  • Receive notifications of potential meteorological CAT events.
  • Gain direct access to our dedicated CAT Response Team for advice on how to proceed.
  • Get accurate updates on projected trajectory and severity from our Geospatial analysts.
  • Enable immediate response – we’ll already have your brief and be ready to act.
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