Geospatial Insight’s independent investment research covers all major asset classes, but with a particular focus on equities, commodities, property and alternatives.


Through partnership with an extensive network of Earth Observation (EO) satellite operators, aerial imagery suppliers and other providers of geoinformation, Geospatial Insight can rapidly access data to identify, analsyse and monitor economic activity anywhere on Earth. By essentially combining the capabilities of this network of satellites working to form a virtual constellation, Geospatial Insight can can view events and activities in near real-time and at high levels of spatial and temporal resolution. providing a bird’s eye vantage point from which we are able to monitor daily activities and change across the globe on behalf of our clients. Geospatial Insight’s in-house team of remote sensing professionals and analysts use a range of sophisticated analysis techniques to process and analyse the data, before integrating and enriching the output with market data to provide create unique intelligence products, providing actionable signals and leading indicators the users in the Finance, Insurance and Security sectors. Satellite and aerial data analysed in near real-time, enables high quality,  bottom-up fundamental analysis to be delivered with the minimum of delays.


Geospatial Insight’s substantive independent research is delivered to suit client requirements. We provide syndicated independent research reports, time series datasets for quantitative investors or proprietary research insights for private clients, family offices and hedge funds. Our research products and services identify new and varied opportunities for differentiated alpha. These include identifying first movers against analyst consensus, or providing leading indicators to fundamentals which when published drive market price movements.

Our clients use our independent investment research to support due diligence on stocks being considered for portfolio entry, or when selecting risk-adjusted investment opportunities for their portfolios. Sometimes, the view from the sky does not match the report from the investment banker, and Geospatial Insight’s intelligence products can provide a valuable difference to concensus, but a view grounded in real-world, observable events and activities.Geospatial Insight’s research is also used by clients to monitor asset under management. In this situation our investment research helps ensure that consensus revenue targets are being met in order to maintain the share price.

For equity assets, the data and observations which we measure to provide leading indicators to the stock fundamentals, are detailed in our client login area, click here to login or register as a new client and continue reading…

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    Risk Analysis

    Our expert analysis and interpretation of imagery datasets allows clients to better understand risk and to manage it accordingly.
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    Investment Evaluation

    To further support the enhanced due diligence of assets prior to portfolio entry, we deliver reliable and accurate intelligence to help support investment decisions.
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    Asset Monitoring

    Once assets are under management and when clients need absolute assurance of asset location, or a guaranteed understanding near real-time asset performance ahead of published reports or news.
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