Geospatial Insight provides research solutions to support M&A, market risk assessments, competitor intelligence and supply chain audit for corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental social governance (ESG).


Through partnership with an extensive network of Earth Observation (EO) satellite operators, aerial imagery suppliers and other providers of geoinformation, Geospatial Insight can rapidly access data to identify, analsyse and monitor economic activity anywhere on Earth. By essentially combining the capabilities of this network of satellites working to form a virtual constellation, Geospatial Insight can can view events and activities in near real-time and at high levels of spatial and temporal resolution. providing a bird’s eye vantage point from which we are able to monitor daily activities and change across the globe on behalf of our clients. Geospatial Insight’s in-house team of remote sensing professionals and analysts use a range of sophisticated analysis techniques to process and analyse the data, before integrating and enriching the output with market data to provide create unique intelligence products, providing actionable signals and leading indicators the users in the Finance, Insurance and Security sectors.

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience of using these techniques for major institutions, new technologies such as constellations of low cost satellites, such as provided by Geospatial Insight’s partner, Planet Labs, now allow truly cost effective geo-intelligence (GEOINT) solutions to be delivered to corporate clients.


After enriching this unique data with other business-relevant datasets, Geospatial Insight’s quantitative and qualitative research solutions are scoped and delivered to suit client requirements.  Geospatial Insight has a proven track recored in the delivery of proprietary research insights for corporate organisations, both large and small.  Our clients and their advisors use our independent investment research to support due diligence on companies being considered for merger or acquisition.  Independent assessments of operational and environmental risks are also provided as part of this research, which is especially valuable where company assets and operations are located in emerging and frontier markets, where reliable intelligence may be difficult to secure.  In addition to providing market risk analysis reports, Geospatial Insight can also providesintelligence on realted critical topics, such as competitor performance, or supply chain compliance.

For corporate clients who use geospatial datasets for their own in-house applications, Geospatial Insight also provides a range of cost-effective imagery and associated geo-data products.  We are the UK reseller for many of the newer satellite imagery providers and for a range other other data sources too.   For corporate assets, the data and observations which we measure and interpret to provide quantitative and qualitative research solutions is detailed in our client login area, click here to login or register as a new client and continue reading…



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    Risk Analysis

    Our expert analysis and interpretation of imagery datasets allows clients to better understand risk and to manage it accordingly.
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    Asset Monitoring

    Once assets are under management and when clients need absolute assurance of asset location, or a guaranteed understanding near real-time asset performance ahead of published reports or news.
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    Competitor Intelligence

    Our competitive intelligence solutions are used by clients to better understand company and competitor performance. Read More