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The Geospatial Insight Drone Network

Geospatial Insight manages a partner network of specialist drone operators around the world.

For all catastrophe or claims related insurance work our network of operators are ready to spring into action.

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The Geospatial Insight Aerial Survey Network

Geospatial Insight has assembled a network of highly capable aerial survey operators around the world.

Providing access to high-quality imagery and other data options (e.g. lidar) acquired by conventional aerial survey platforms.

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The Geospatial Insight Satellite Network

Geospatial Insight prides itself on its wide network of satellite data provider partners, which cover all aspects of our clients’ data requirement needs.

This network allows us to access more than 250 satellites currently in orbits.

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Geospatial Insight’s expert capabilities in geo-analytics have provided the company with a rich variety of data, collected from multiple sources.

Utilising the state of art in machine learning tools and techniques, the company is systematically improving and automating task evaluation processes.

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Advanced Social Media Capabilities

When responding to catastrophe events it is crucial to acquire visual evidence quickly.

We have developed a robust, highly effective process of disaster intelligence acquisition, using social media, that bolsters our core visual and radar methods.

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Monitoring the impact of weather, catastrophic events and specific influencing factors that might affect risk analysis, loss evaluation and reinsurance.

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For market traders and analysts to help de-risk price and aid investment by improving their ability to predict market volatility.

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Proprietary and syndicated research solutions to support a variety of corporate strategies including; Monitoring and Assessment, Market risk assessments, Competitor intelligence and supply chain audits.

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Geospatial Insight was established in 2012 by a team of highly experienced Geospatial experts to address a gap in the market for delivering actionable business intelligence sourced from satellite imagery.

Today the company has an enviable market position as one of the leading providers of geospatial intelligence in the World.

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