ERDAS IMAGINE provides a comprehensive image analysis suite, combining remote sensing, photogrammetry, lidar analysis, vector analysis, and radar processing into one product.

Extend the power of ERDAS IMAGINE with a suite of add on modules designed to offer advanced processing techniques.

The IMAGINE Expansion Pack is a collection of products designed to extend the functionality of ERDAS IMAGINE Advantage and Professional. It includes:


AutoSync provides the capability to quickly and precisely register two or more images together. This can be used to improve the registration between images or to correlate raw imagery to a georeferenced baseline dataset. It includes advanced tools for the creation of geometric models using data from different sensors or resolutions.


DeltaCue builds on the change detection capabilities already available in ERDAS IMAGINE to provide an adaptable suite of processing procedures to detect change in multi-temporal imagery. A wizard is guides the user through the process and results are focused on the specific change for which the user is looking.

NITF Support

NITF Support allows NITF files with multiple components to be imported into a map composition, individual components manipulated and exported to a NITF.


VirtualGIS creates 3D environments with annotations and environmental features to provide realistic fly throughs and visibility models.


OrthoRadar allows the user to perform precision georeferencing and orthorectification of SAR images using SAR sensor models, satellite orbit models, and digital elevation models. This produces a highly accurate ortho-corrected dataset.


StereoSAR permits the creation of DEMs from RADARSAT-1 and moderate resolution RADARSAT-2 data.

Stereo Analyst

Stereo Analyst for IMAGINE enables 3D interpretation and feature collection.

Additional ERDAS IMAGINE Add-ons Include:


ATCOR enhances satellite data by using atmospheric correction techniques to remove haze as well as atmospheric and topographic effects.

IMAGINE Objective

IMAGINE Objective provides object based multi-scale image classification and feature extraction capabilities to reliably build and maintain accurate geospatial content. Imagery can be analysed to produce GIS-ready mapping.

IMAGINE SAR Interferometry

IMAGINE SAR Interferometry fully integrates ERDAS IMAGINE’s advanced interferometric processing capabilities allowing the extraction of high-quality digital elevation models (DEMs), generation of Coherence Change products and the centimetre level mapping of Surface Displacement.

ERDAS Engine

ERDAS Engine complements ERDAS IMAGINE and IMAGINE Photogrammetry by enabling them to distribute demanding, resource-intensive processes among multiple workstations or multiple cores on a single workstation so that multiple processes can run simultaneously, allowing faster completion of work

Spatial Modeler SDK

Spatial Modeler SDK is a set of libraries and documentation that are provided within the Hexagon Geospatial Developer Network (HGDN) Subscription. It allows complex algorithms, routine tasks and add-ons to be built, modified and run in ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia.

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