Geospatial Insight is a leading provider of independent research derived from the analysis of satellite, aerial and drone imagery.

We access a range of sophisticated data sources and apply advanced technologies, including machine learning, to produce evidence-based intelligence that enables our clients to make better business decisions.

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We specialise in the provision of syndicated and proprietary analysis to the Insurance, Investment and Corporate sectors.

We deliver ground-breaking research which generates actionable visual intelligence that is applied to various business models including; risk analysis, investment evaluation, asset monitoring, and major event impact assessment.

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Monitoring the impact of weather, catastrophic events and specific influencing factors that might affect risk analysis, loss evaluation and reinsurance.

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For market traders and analysts to help de-risk price and aid investment by improving their ability to predict market volatility.

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Proprietary and syndicated research solutions to support a variety of corporate strategies including; Monitoring and Assessment, Market risk assessments, Competitor intelligence and supply chain audits.

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