📡 GSI has unique relationship with PlanetLabs ‘Shoe box Satellites’ 📡

Smaller, Lighter, Faster

PlanetLabs is making a fleet of tiny satellites (named ‘Doves’) which measure less than a foot but are equipped with a telescopic camera to provide HR photos from anywhere across the planet which are typically downloadable in 1-2 hrs. PlanetLabs CEO is Will Marshall who oversees the in house design and manufacture, from their base in SanFrancisco.

There have been 13 iterations of the dove built since 2013. Expandable solar panels power each dove with today’s micro-satellites being 100’s to 1000’s of times cheaper than the much larger satellites of previous decades.

PlanetLabs goal is to have 150M km2 of global daily data fully available for the user in a maximum time of 24h. At the moment, 20% of our images are acquired, downlinked, sensor calibrated, rectified, colour corrected and available for download within 7-8h. This is an impressive number since we’re talking about an automatic pipeline, and not a special request for imagery to be available asap. Today we’re at 20% in 7-8h, but next year… 😉

It is PlanetLabs intention to launch 150 new Doves just on the period of Jan-Apr 2016 alone. Global daily coverage will be reached early Q3 2016, assuming successful and on-time launches.

Key Benefits for Investors:

PlanetLabs have 12 business relationships (largely to governments / Agriculture), Geospatial-Insight are proud to be a partner where we can provide further analysis to the Financial Sector including ‘watching the daily rate of change’


In the photograph to the left – Bright gas flares spew black smoke in Iraq’s Rumaila Oil Field. Satellites & orbiting astronauts can see these gas flares across the region—day and night.

To view our GSI Grey Book – highlighting the ‘Legal Aspects of Remote Sensing’– written specifically for the investor and to answer Questions arising from ‘insider trading law / MAR / FCA / SEC regulations – then please download here:

 Video Demonstrating a ‘Dove’ launch and Resultant Photography

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